Monday, 20 July 2009

(17:44:15) dk: boot some livecd that has ext4 support
(17:44:20) dk: extract tarball from smgl cd
(17:44:24) dk: after formatting
(17:44:29) dk: cast the things you need 
(17:44:33) dk: get a bootlaoder installed
(17:44:35) dk: reboot
(17:44:36) dk: basically
(17:44:40) kit: i've got ubuntu up on another disk at the moment so can prepare the disk i'm gonna install smgl to
(17:44:40) opi: pray
(17:44:47) dk: I didn't need much praying
(17:44:50) dk: it worked for the most part
(17:45:03) dk: I forgot to install a kernel so I had to boot back into the livecd to do that
(17:45:06) dk: heh
(17:45:23) dk: and then, since I'm running 64-bit, I had to set up a chroot within a chroot to do a 32-bit build of grub
(17:46:27) kit: well, i'll give it a shot
(17:51:52) kit: why couldn't you do a 64 bit build of grub ?
(17:52:15) dk: because it doesn't
(17:52:26) ara: you need a multilib system
(17:52:37) ara: or a chroot
(17:53:01) kit: ah ok. thanks for the tip, lol
(17:53:29) ara: dunno if there's any multilib support in sourcemage
(17:53:45) dk: not reall
(17:53:47) dk: y
nano /var/lib/sorcery/codex/test/crypto/openssl/BUILD
add OPTS="" after ./config $OPTS

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Gmail removes lab feature for placing labels at the right of your email

As someone who has around 30 labels I find this very dissapointing.